Deepika Healing



Meditation, Corporate team meeting Paris, March 2017
"Thanks a lot for the meditation you guided last week before starting our training days in Paris. The short sessions in the morning proved us the power of meditation, and brought us full energy in an effective team workshop and fruitful discussions.
We hope in the future we could see more and more." -- Susanna Cabos, Schneider Electric

Life Activation, Life Coaching, Kundalini Yoga Feb 2017

"If anyone is seeking more energy, clarity and empowerment in their life I would highly recommend booking a "Life Activation" healing session with Deepika. I had known that Deepika was special from the moment I met her, as she is one of the most loving, wise and humble women I have ever met. Even just having a conversation with her over a cup of tea will change your life - she always seem to know just the right things to say or questions to ask to encourage deep self-reflection and change. Even just making the decision to receive a Life Activation changed my life; My energy started shifting with the intention, and I have noticed profound transformations in my life and demeanor since then. Reach out to Deepika and enjoy a conversation, healing, life coaching session or a yoga class!" -- Shannon

Life Activation Jan 2016
"Initially Life Activation granted my perspective a moment of peaceful separation between myself and what I 'believed' to be hindering me. Over time this separation provided the clarity to see that those beliefs and the systems they created where the very thing shaping my reality. In the long run this perceived separation helped me to come to understand that there is no separation, except for in the mind." - Eric

Life Activation 2016

"The best way I can describe what I feel is that there is simply more of me here now." - Terry

Spark of Life Distance HealingJune 2016

"I feel free. Calm. And I see the things positively and happy to be alive." - B