Life Activation or Full Spirit Activation 

1900 kr / session which includes a 1-month supply of Purificato and Crystalis – a vibrational elixir that will assist in the facilitation in the energy clearing that begins in this session.

Ensofic Ray
5400 kr for 3 sessions of 1h each. To be done in succession with 1 week in between sessions.

Emotional Cord Cutting & Spell Removal
950 kr / session

Essential Oil Healing
290 kr / 1 oil

1000 kr / 4 oils

Empower Thyself

8700 kr for two day course (incl manual & admin fees)

Acuphotonics  / Golden spiral reflexology
950 kr / session

Shamanic Aura Clearing (protection)
950 kr / session

Aura healing
950 kr / session

11th Codan (Life Purpose Reading) 

1500 kr / session

Tree of Life Awakening / Chakra Awakening
750 kr / session

Spark of Life Healing (only done on distance )

1900 kr / session

Baby Blessing
19000 kr / session

Crystal Temple - Make your home a healing space

Depending on the numbers of grids you want up in your home it ranges from 1900 - 10000 kr

Max Meditation System ™ and Ensofic Reiki group classes

Varies depending on the location. See specific communication for the event.

Life Coaching

950 kr / 45 min session

7500 kr for a package of 5 x 45 min sessions



Deepika Healing