Deepika Healing


MAX Meditation System™

Meditation can enable you to relax, reduce stress and possibly have other positive benefits such as more consciousness around your energy blocks or heart's desires. I lead meditations that follows the MAX Meditation System™.  This meditation style is entirely based on sitting on chairs in a comfortable and relaxed position.

The MAX Meditation System™ allows participants to meditate deeply with ease. It uses a full spectrum of meditation techniques -- breathing, deep-body relaxation, passive, active and guided meditation. No experience is needed.

Possible benefits from meditation
• Reduced stress & tension
• More positive control over your thoughts
• Detachment from situations and less drama in your life
• Happiness & peace of mind
• Increased concentration & focus
• Spontaneity & creativity
• Increased self-confidence
• Mental & emotional clarity

Maybe you will get more insight about your life purpose!

Sessions are typically 1.5h

It is encouraged that you bring a journal to take any notes after the meditation.